fter logging in to FACS, the homepage displays the following content:

The homepage overview content is as follows:

Serial Number Description
1 Click the button in the top navigation area to jump to the corresponding function configuration page.
2 In the search bar, you can select 7 conditions: ISP, Retailer, Customer, SN, address,Unit Type and MAC to filter. After selecting the conditions, click Search to locate and search for the target device.If you need to reset the conditions, click Reset and all selected conditions will be cleared.If you need to close the map, click to Hold Map and the map will be hidden. Click to View Map and the map will be shown.
3 It will Display the total number of current On/error/disconnected devices. Click the font corresponding to the status, and the status list below will change to the total number of devices currently in the selected status.
4 Device list, lists all device status and device SN.Device status judgment:

The device is connected and registered;

The device is connected but not registered;

The device is not connected or disconnected;
5 Displays the current positioning of the device.
6 Display the device SN and the specific location of the device.
7 Click the corresponding button to view the corresponding information or perform configuration operations.
8 Warmming, prompt the current number of unprocessed alarms, click the number to jump to the alarm page for processing.
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